Monday, April 28, 2014

Bungie Reveals Strike Gameplay in Destiny

Happy Monday!  I know the first day of the week always sucks, but hopefully some new information about Destiny will cheer you up and make the rest of the week seem even a little brighter.  If you haven't seen teaser yet, you can check it out on YouTube below:


For those unfamiliar with terminology in Destiny, a Strike is a private zone that can be accessed by you and your fireteam.  In other words, don't expect any back up from other Guardians (similar to an instance in most MMORPGs).  At present, there is no word on if Strikes can be soloed or require a full team to have any hope of victory.  

A Strike, from the looks of it, will likely be a hybrid of a Firefight Match and Campaign Mode in Halo.  You kill enemies while occasionally completing other objectives like waiting for the Ghost (the floating AI construct, not the vehicle from Halo) to finish turning off a barrier that blocks your path.  This isn't surprising, given that sort of style of gameplay is something Bungie does very well.  The encounters look well polished, and the AI are what you'd expect from a Bungie game.  

The video itself shows off a lot of interesting abilities and a variety of weapons.  How specials also work appears to have been revealed as well through the bar in the lower left corner of the screen that charges each time the player kills an enemy.  Each ability depicted was both powerful and awesome looking.  As I haven't played Destiny I can only speculate on this, but it is likely that these abilities will make the player feel empowered to take down even the toughest of enemies.  

Speaking of enemies, both the Fallen and the Hive were encountered in this Strike.  Interestingly, the Fallen and the Hive appear to be at war with one another.  Both groups of enemies will still attack the player of course, but they never help one another out in battle.  Even in the gameplay, it is clear that each kind of enemy you face will react differently in battle.  The Fallen applied more tactics and used cover whereas the Hive would mostly just charge at the players without any regard for their own lives.  

Bosses will appear in the Strikes as well, like the Devil Walker shown at E3 last year.  Then there is brief mention of a boss at the end of the Strike which appears to either be a floating sphere or it could just be a shield for whatever the boss really is.  Expect lots of loot should you and your Fireteam succeed in beating the Strike.    

Already Destiny looks like it will be a very beautiful game.  The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the skyboxes are incredibly detailed, and every inch of the environment looks completely explorable.  Not only that, but the music is incredible.  It is hard to believe that Destiny is still in alpha stage when it looks and sounds so good. 

Destiny will certain be a very pretty game, no denying that.

However, not everything is sunshine and flowers in Destiny.  To be honest it seems like a wasted opportunity to show other environments in Destiny.  I mean, it is cool to see more of Old Russia, however it would have been far more interesting to see other locations or even other planets.  Bungie claims that Destiny is massive, but we haven't really seen all that much in terms of gameplay.  I'm surprised that they aren't taking the initiative to show us how big Destiny really is.  Talk is cheap, and showing content that we know Bungie can do and do well makes the notion of Destiny being a big game nothing more than PR speak in an attempt to get loads of pre-orders. 

Don't get me wrong, I still believe that Destiny is going to be an incredible game.  But sooner or later, Bungie will need to show something that proves that Destiny will be the game that they claim it is.  Perhaps they are waiting for the beta to show the true scale of Destiny?  Or maybe that will be part of the demonstration at E3 this year?  Even just showing some raid content would improve Destiny's image considerably in the eyes of the media. 

Speaking of E3, the video revealed that Destiny will be shown at E3 2014 and it is implied that it might be playable as well.  So hopefully Bungie will show some new and beautiful things in Destiny during E3.  Also, if they announce the start date for the beta that would be great. 

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