Saturday, April 19, 2014

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Review

While I'm still working on beating Final Fantasy X-2 HD, I thought I'd review Final Fantsy X HD now and then review X-2 when I'm ready. That will probably be sometime in the middle of next week. So for now let's take a look at Final Fantasy X HD.

On the most basic level, Final Fantasy X HD is essentially the same as the PS2 version only with better graphics and extra content depending on which version of the game you had. The HD Remaster is the International version that was released in Japan and Europe, which included optional bosses like the Dark Aeons, and the Expert Sphere Grid. The HD Remaster also adds a variety of trophies ranging from beating certain bosses in the story, to getting all the Celestial Weapons, and even completing some of the harder optional content like beating Penance.

Visually speaking, Final Fantsy X HD looks great. Most, if not all of the main characters in the game have received new models that were completely built from scratch and they look spectacular. Unfortunately most secondary characters and enemy models only got a minor upgrade, so most of them look like they were imported from the original game and stand out when next to the newer models. Some of the backgrounds featured in places like the Mi'hen Highroad look very dated.

Gameplay for Final Fantasy X hasn't changed at all in this remastered edition. Unlike most Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy X used turn based combat so that players could take their time and focus more on strategy rather than having to stay on their toes with the ATB system. While strategy can help deal with some of the more difficult enemies in the game, most boss battles are easily won by simply doing nothing but summoning Aeons depending on how much you've leveled Yuna up.

Final Fantasy X's soundtrack also got a facelift for the remaster. While most songs have been improved a little, many of the more iconic songs from the game have been redone entirely. Those who played the original Final Fantasy X will immediately notice how different the battle music and victory theme sound. It takes some time to get used to, but then several pieces grew on me and I found myself looking forward to hearing how certain songs had been changed.

With the release of this HD collection, this is a great time for anyone who never played Final Fantasy X to check it out. Not only that but it would be a great opportunity for old fans of the game to relive this classic gem from the previous generation of consoles. Final Fantasy X HD Remastered may show it's age in some places, but it is still a lot of fun to play thirteen years later.

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