Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft has typically had mediocre press conferences during E3 at best.  But this time around, they had their best one yet.  Still not anywhere as good as Microsoft or Sony, but they have improved.  At the very least there are less attempts at humor and more focusing on games. 

Ubisoft kicks off their press conference by showing off Far Cry 4 footage, or at least the first five minutes of the game.  After this the host, that same girl from last time, claimed that Ubisoft starts out strong in their presentation and will get stronger.  Yet this doesn't seem to be what actually happened as the conference was inconsistent in terms of presentation quality.  The next game presented was Just Dance 2015. 

Next a CG trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division was shown as well, and thankfully they did not have people on stage trying to "communicate" and make a staged demo exciting.  After this, Ubisoft moved on to a very interesting game known as The Crew.  The Crew appears to be an MMO Open World racer where you can drive from the East Coast of the US of A all the way to the West Coast.  It sounds like an ambitious game, and you can check it out yourself in the closed beta (if you can get in).  The Crew releases on November 11th, 2014.

After this, a new stage demo was shown for Assassin's Creed Unity.  They did not use the same area that they did for Microsoft's conference, so +1 to Ubisoft for being able to have something exclusive for a game already shown at another conference.  Then they showed Shape Up, an allegedly exclusive to the Xbox exercise game that will use the Kinnect to make working out a game.

To close up the conference, Ubisoft showed a gameplay trailer (with commentary unfortunately) for Rainbow Six Siege.  This seems to be a game where players are either playing as the rescue team while the others are playing as some random group of terrorists who have chosen to take a hostage in the suburbs.  It is a ridiculous concept already, but the staged gameplay and the terrible attempts at trying to act like they are really playing the game made the presentation a complete joke.  So not the best way to end a conference.

Overall though, Ubisoft did fairly well this year.  It was the least terrible conference they've had in a long time.

RBFB Rating: C+

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