Monday, September 1, 2014

Tokyo Game Show 2014: Sony Press Conference

So early last night around 2:00 AM EDT, Sony held their press conference for Tokyo Game Show which starts on September 18th.  As to be expected there were a great deal of games shown during the conference, many of which will likely not ever make it to America or any other country.  Among these games would be pretty much any Phantasy Star title, as they seem to not make it to the other side of the ocean more often than not.

Games not made by Japan were also discussed.  This includes games like Destiny and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

In addition there was also talk about themes for both PS Vita and the PS4.  Apparently they will be part of the 2.0 update, but no word on if the majority of popular games will have themes or how much themes will cost if they are available on the PlayStation Store.

Project Morpheus was shown off briefly, in which it showed footage from a game called Summer Lesson.  The game appears to be about talking to some Japanese girl while being able to look in any direction.  I can't help but wonder if there are going to be porn and hentai games on Project Morpheus or any VR device.  It seems like they are begging for that kind of abuse.

In addition, there was some brief discussion about the new Silent Hills in all of its terrifying glory.  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was very briefly mentioned, however more details about that game will be unveiled when TGS officially starts on the 18th.

Persona 5 was announced and Bloodbourne got a release date.

To end the show, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Heroes.  From what I can tell this appears to be Square Enix and Sony's attempt to one up Nintendo and Hyrule Warriors.  They also announced a special PS4 themed off of the metal slime enemy from Dragon Quest games.  As you can image, this variant will be exclusive to Japan.

Unfortunately, big games like Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV were not present at the press conference.   Although there is a very good chance that both will be seen during TGS.  Final Fantasy XV is much more likely to be shown, especially with the rumors going around about a May or March 2015 release date for the game.

I'll keep you posted if anything else is revealed during TGS itself.  Stay tuned!

Also there was a guy in armor on stage at one point during the press conference.  Only in Japan would this sort of thing happen.