Monday, October 20, 2014

How Destiny Could Improve

Destiny has been out for a little while and, despite some of the issues it faces, it has been very well received by gamers. People are playing the game everyday, and the tower always has Guardians coming and going. Every day more and more players are clearing the Vault of Glass. At present, it seems like players will have to wait until the release of the first expansion this December in order to have new content. That said, I figured I would put together a little wish list of things I want to see changed or added in Destiny be it in the expansions or sequels. 

More Loot
It's so... beautiful!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this comic proves that to be true (thanks Ctrl+Alt+Delete!). Destiny is rather stingy with the loot drops. There is always something satisfying about seeing a bunch of loot drop while playing any loot based game like Diablo and Borderlands. It doesn't matter if the majority of it ends up being junk that you sell or break down for parts, and I feel like Destiny would benefit from the same thing.

More loot should drop, all kinds of loot. Why stop at weapons and armor? Why not have items like plasteel plating and hadronic essence drop as well? Why not have ship schematics that can drop from enemies? I feel that Destiny would benefit from making it rain loot upon the player, and it would make exploration and just playing the game feel much more satisfying for loot addicts. Seeing a bunch of engrams in the infamous loot cave was pretty cool, so why not increase the amount of loot that can drop?

Performance = Better Chance At Loot
Not the best example since I got rewards, but imagine this image in reverse.

 One of the many issues with loot in Destiny is the sheer cruelty of the RNG. Granted, RNG is not new when it comes to loot in games. However, I feel there should be a system in place that rewards skill no matter what game mode you are playing. It is ridiculous that a player can do really well in the crucible and get absolutely nothing every single game, while some guy who consistently gets 0 kills and 18+ deaths while watching Netflix gets showered with loot and exotic weapons. I feel there should be a system in place that helps prevent this. Certain crucible medals like killing sprees, strength of the pack, and killing multiple players in small amounts of time should boost a player's chance of getting loot at the end of a match. One medal alone would not boost this chance much, but multiple medals together would make it much more likely for a PvP diehard to walk out of a night in the Crucible with a decent little goodie bag of loot.

Even just simply handing out an engram after each match would feel much more rewarding for players than the current system. With the way the game is right now, I don't blame people for not wanting to try in the Crucible given that their performance in the match does nothing at all beyond look good in their overall stats. It seems like Destiny really wants to be a loot game, so why not reward skilled players with some loot?

Better yet, why not have cosmetic items like class items, shaders, emblems, ships, and vehicles that can only be acquired by doing consistently well in the Crucible? Say those who have a certain K/D ratio or have a certain amount of kills with a particular weapon would be able to buy exclusive items that other players would see and know instantly that the wearer is a formidable ally/opponent in the crucible.

More Dynamic Events
"Stay calm, it can probably smell fear."
 The public events are a neat mechanic, but I feel that there should be more going on out in the exploration zones of Destiny. There should be more reason to go out there than to just run generic patrol missions over and over again. For example, there could be powerful boss level enemies that spawn in certain areas once a week. These bosses would be difficult, but upon being killed they would drop plenty of loot for players along with have a chance to drop class items, shaders, and emblems that could only be acquired from that particular boss. This system could also be expanded to having extremely powerful raid level bosses that spawn on each planet once a month. They would not be easy to kill, but the reward would make them worth it. Their loot table would include ascendant material, a chance at exotics, and possible exotics that can only be acquired from those bosses.

Beyond world bosses, I think that Destiny should have periodic invasions by other enemies in the game. For example, say the Vex suddenly show up in the Cosmodrome in large numbers. Players would be given the option to participate in the effort to push them back, and they would be highly rewarded at the end of the event.

More Enemies
The Darkness - With 100% More Pyramid Ships
There may be lots of enemies in Destiny, but a lot of them are too similar to one another. There is little difference in the AI of a Vex Goblin, a Fallen Dreg, and a Hive Acolyte. So I feel there should be new enemies added in that keep the player on their toes. Perhaps this new enemy would be able to switch weapons and then use different tactics to try and defeat the player. Say there was a Fallen of some kind that was able to do that. At long range it would try to snipe the player, but then switch to that more powerful heavy weapon used by Fallen Archons when the player gets closer. Or perhaps it would suddenly go invisible and try to ambush the player with a melee weapon.

That and just having more enemies to fight would also add variety. This would be a good time for Bungie to bring in the Darkness and allow Guardians to fight it directly rather than through the minions. It has been depicted that there is a fifth enemy lurking out there somewhere, but this is assuming that hasn't been cut out of the game like so many other things have been.

More Locations
Nice place, too bad it's barely used.
 Let's face it, there needs to be more locations to go to and explore. Sure there is plenty of space to run around in on Earth and all the other planets, but I feel like those could be expanded to allow players to go to other areas. There should be some more variety of places to go. As it stands now, everything in the story seems to always happen in Old Russia or small parts of other planets. It seems like the same thing will occur with The Dark Below. If the Hive are trying to prepare Earth for the return of Crota, why do they keep going back to Old Russia? Shouldn't they find somewhere else on Earth where there aren't hundreds of Guardians patrolling everyday?

Also, Mercury should be added as an explorable PvE environment. It feels like a waste to have an entire planet dedicated just to small PvP matches. So if an expansion could add a patrol mission, a strike, and some story missions there, that would be appreciated.

More Variety in Weapon Design
Some diversity would be nice...
 Exotic weapons excluded, a lot of weapons basically use the same design only with different colors. There is little difference in appearance between a Marshal-A, Galahad-E, and Shadow Price beyond stats and color. Legendary Weapons should have unique designs of their own that set them apart from the regular greens and blues. Bungie more or less does this for armor, so why can't they do that for Legendary quality weapons? If there is any group of legendary weapons that should have a unique model, it would be the ones from Vault of Glass. As it stands now, the only way to tell when someone has Atheon's Epilogue is when you see a stream of purple bullets being fired, and that is rather disappointing.

More Variety in Story Missions
I wonder if the Ghost hates his job.
Go here, activate this. Go there, kill something. Listen to Peter Dinklage monologue your ear off. That is basically every single mission in Destiny. There is no variety and no big moments that a player can look back on and say: “That was awesome!”. It isn't like Bungie can't do this, because they clearly can. There are countless moments throughout all the Halo games made by Bungie that stood out as memorable experiences. Yet that seems oddly absent from Destiny beyond that one mission where you get to wield a sword. I don't really care about what they add, so long as they do something that mixes things up.

More Story In The Missions & More Characters
"I wish I'd been given better dialogue, little light."
Despite being called a story mode, the amount of actual story in Destiny itself is rather lacking. Sure bits and pieces of the grand scale story are told through Grimoire cards, but that information should somehow be also woven into the story of the game. Just because Destiny is going to be a 10 year project does not mean that Bungie can just tell a little story, explain nothing, and think people will be content with that. Every story in Destiny as a series should be a self contained story with a clear beginning and end. At the same time, they should also fit together into one large picture at the end. Players should not have to wait until 2024 to be able to understand the first story. That isn't a ten year plan, that is just bad story telling.

In addition, there should be more characters that play active roles in the story. The only characters that actually do much of anything are the personality-less player character, the Dinklage bot, and the Exo Stranger (AKA Ms. I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain, because the writing in this game is on par with the garbage in Resident Evil). Through some dialogue in the game and information from the grimoire cards, it is clear that there are plenty of characters that would be great additions to the actual story. Why not have someone like Cayde-6 or even the Exo Stranger accompany you on a mission or something like that? Better yet, why not have an encounter with Toland or Osiris so that the story and the grimoire cards feel a little more intertwined.

These are just a few things that would help improve Destiny, and I'm sure there are others that I haven't thought of. If you have any suggestions of your own or comments, feel free to send them my way. Expect to see more coverage on Destiny as December gets closer and more details about The Dark Below are (hopefully) released.

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