Thursday, November 6, 2014

Star Wars: A Return To The Old Republic - Day 4

Day 4, Entry 1:
I have successfully completed all the main quests for Belsavis. Now the storyline moves forward and directs me to a planet known as Voss. In addition, I unlocked a bonus questline for Hoth. I don't know if I will go and do these extra quests, but they are good to have around as an option in the event I need to level up before I can proceed with a main story quest. 

A strange quest on Belsavis involving an imprisoned alien from the Infinite Empire.
Before going to Voss, I went to the Imperial Fleet to buy some upgrades for my armor and lightsaber. Due to the flashpoint daily bonuses and the quests I have been doing, I had a large pile of planetary commendations to spend. Now I can head to the next planet with some better stats, and have a slight edge as I take on more challenging enemies. 

Voss itself is a beautiful, strange planet. The trees, plants, and grass all seem like they are in some sort of eternal autumn. It is a beautiful combination of nature with old ruins and “modern” Voss civilization. There are many a familiar looking creature on the planet itself, but I currently have a bit of a level advantage so there is nothing that has proven to be much of a threat yet. 

The locals are a little unusual, but Voss is a beautiful planet.
 Voss is a neutral territory, with the Empire and Republic butting heads over it in an attempt to claim it and the indigenous people as allies. It has something to do with the Voss being force sensitive and having the power to see the future. Of course, all of this is irrelevant in the long term given that all of this occurs thousands of years before the movies. Also, there seems to be a great deal of debate as to if anything beyond the movies is still canon now that Disney has taken over the Star Wars franchise.

Given that the original level cap for SWTOR was level 50, I imagine I am near the end of my class storyline. I am level 47 and it seems like I don't have much longer to go before I reach the end. I don't know if there are any new class quests for the first expansion, but I really doubt it given that Bioware's budget likely got massive cuts when the game went free to play.

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